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Something about chafing dish – Can be used without water

Something about chafing dish – Can be used without water

Chafing Dish Lineup-1

Chafing dish (Chafer dish) comes from the French word “chauffer” – the meaning is to make warm. It consists of a food pan on a stand with an alcohol burner holding chafing dish fuel below it. It is easily to see Chafing dish buffet set / Chafing dish set in various buffets / buffet service to keep buffet dishes nice and warm.


How does chafing dish work?

Chafing dish consists of chafing stand / chafing dish rack, water pan, food pan (chafer pan), and lid.

  1. Place the chafing stand / chafing dish rack in the position you intend to use the chafer.
  2. Place the water pan into the rack.
  3. Fill the water pan with boiled water at the recommended level.
  4. Put chafer fuel (chafing dish fuel) into a fuel holder and place it on the fuel holder plate under the water pan.
  5. Light the fuel.
  6. Place the food pan with hot food on top of the water pan.
  7. Cover the food pan with a lid.

The heat will be transferred from the chafing dish burner – fuel can to water in the water pan. This will in turn heat the food in the food pan. If an electric chafing dish is used, no chafer fuel can is required. All you need is simply plug the appliance into a power source.


Chafing Dish Lineup-2

Should I use traditional chafing dish or electric chafing dish?

There is no absolute answer. It really depends on catering locations, your budget on chafing dish price and needs. The electric chafing dish is mainly for indoor use where there is an electricity supply and open flame is not suitable. And for a windy location, traditional chafing dish which uses chafer fuel can  is not a good choice.


Full Size 8.5L Electric Chafer (EcoCater Series)-X81087

New Innovation – No water pan is required.

The water pan is no longer a must component now. There is an electric chafing dish that can heat up the food pan directly (We call it – Dry Heat). No water and no pre-heat are required. The below video will demonstrate the difference between dry heat and a traditional chafing dish. Contact us for more detail explained innovative features.

Full Size 8.5L Dry Heat Chafer (Standard Version)-W21-1100

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