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What is Chafer (Chafing Dish)?

What is Chafer (Chafing Dish)?

What is Chafer?

Chafer is also known as Chafing dish, Chafer dish, Server, Chafer warmer. It is used to keep food hot / warm with an alcohol burner holding chafer fuel below it or by heating plate powered by electricity.

It is widely used in buffet (buffet chafer set / chafing dish set / chafing dish buffet set) and therefore it is also categorized as buffetware.

Please note that chafer (chafing dish / chafer dish) is not a cookware. There is no chafer cooking. It is used to keep food warm instead of cooking food. And so it is also known as chafer food warmer or food chafer.

2/3 Size 5.5L Dry Heat Chafer (Deluxe Version)-W21-2300
Chafing Dish Lineup-2

What is Chafer used for?

Chafer is used to keep food nice and warm during the whole dining time. The taste would be ruined if food cannot be served at an optimal temperature. Besides, in the aspect of food safety, well-defined stable  temperature can prevent bacteria from developing.

Can chafer keep food cold?

Chafer can also be used to keep food cold by filling the water pan with cold water and ice. And of course, no need to power by electricity or fuel can.

Full Size 8.5L Stainless Steel Electric Chafer with Digital Temperature Display (Venice Series)-W37521

Types of Chafer

It is easily to see chafer set being widely used in different events (e.g. catering events, parties, banquet) and locations (restaurants, hotels ). Different types of chafer fits with different events and locations.

Belows are the three main types:

Induction Chafer: It uses device like electric heating plate. Since no open flame is involved, it is safe and widely used. Excellent for outdoor use.

Electric Chafers: It connects with electrical outlet instead of flame to heat the water in chafer pan. Same as induction chafer, no open flame is involved. Excellent for outdoor use.

Fuel: It uses fuel can (like chafer burners) to heat the water in chafer pan and in turn to keep food hot / warm. Chafer dish fuel can contains chafing fuel either flammable chafer gel or liquid. It is suitable for venues where electrical outlet is not available.

Size of Chafer

Chafer comes with different sizes. Different sizes use different sizes of chafer pans. They are used for different purposes – entrees, side dishes, main course, dessert.

Full: About 8 – 9 Litre Capacity. Usually in rectangular shape. Good for entrees, main course.

2/3: About 5.5 Litre Capacity. Usually in square or round shape. Good for entrees, main course.

Half: About 4 – 5 Litre Capacity. Usually in square or rectangular shape. Good for side dishes, dessert.

Full Size 13.5L Electric Stainless Steel Chafer (83 Series)-X83189A-3
Round 6.0L Stainless Steel Chafer with Full Base (Sicily Series)-W17-36001

Shape of Chafer

Chafer comes in different shapes. They are used for serving in different occasions and food.

Rectangular Chafers: Large volume. Good for main courses.

Round Chafers: Stylish design. Good for side dishes, desert.

Square Chafers: Stylish design. Good for side dishes, desert.

Parts of Chafer

Below are the main parts of a chafer:

Chafer Pan Lid
Chafer Pan (Food Pan)
Water Pan
Stand (Frame)
Chafer Fuel Can (Non-electric chafer) / Electric Cable (Electric chafer)

Full Size Versatile Frame with Curved Shaped Alloy Legs (Roma Burano Series)-W07-1105B
23 Size Electric Chafer Frame with Ball Shaped Feet (Roma Burano Series)-W07-2301B

Trend of Chafer

For modern chafers, it is gaining popular for consumers to have their own style of  Chafer by offering assembling choices of chafer lids, chafer racks, chafer body, chafer frame and chafer stand. We call this – Versatile Chafer.

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