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Buffetware – Keep Buffet Food Warm

Buffetware – Keep Buffet Food Warm




No one would like cold food that is supposed to be served hot. In a buffet, the dining time usually lasts for 2 to 3 hours. Keeping food nice, fresh and warm is very essential. Buffetware is the key. It is a type of serving equipment with the functionality to present food.


Which equipment is used to keep food hot in a buffet?



There are various types of food being served in a buffet. Food type is the key factor to determine which buffetware equipment to be used. It is critical to serve different types of food at optimal and safe temperatures. No one would like hot salad or cold steak.



1) Chafer (Chafing Dish)

This is widely used and the most effective method of keeping food nice and warm in the buffet. It is adopted by most hotels and restaurants.

It is usually made of stainless steel due to stainless steel’s durability and ease of maintenance. Therefore, it is often called stainless steel chafing dish.

Chafer (chafing dish) either uses electricity or chafing fuel to warm food.

Food can be kept at optimal temperature for a long time.

Full Size 13.5L Electric Chafer (Livigno Series)-W86-1101

2) Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Round Casserole, 34cm (Red)-MCA34R


Cast iron cookware works great with different heating mediums like electric heating plates, stovetops. Many buffet tables are now well designed to fit with various heating mediums.

The working concept behind is a kind of slow cooking that can keep food warm for hours.

3) Coffee Urn / Milk Urn


Apart from food, keeping beverages like coffee and milk at optimal temperature is important too. Imagine serving hot coffee with cold milk, would you like it?


Coffee urn / Milk urn is usually powered by electricity. It is usually designed in large capacity in order to serve large crowds.

4) Soup Warmer


Soup warmer is sometimes called a soup kettle. Like coffee urn/milk urn, it is usually designed to serve large crowds and is powered by electricity. Apart from soup, it is also good to hold congee, stews, and gravies.

5) Heat Lamp


Heat lamp keeps food warm by turning light from light bulbs to heat.

It is powered by electricity.


Buffetware can also keep cold

Chafer can also be used to keep food cold by filling the water pan with cold water and ice. And of course, no need to power by electricity or fuel can.

No one would deny cold juice or soft drink can increase appetite. How to keep them nice and cold….

6) Juice Dispenser

8.0L Stainless Steel Juice Dispenser-X23688P



Juice dispenser is used to dispense beverages hygienically and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteen, and bars. There are two main types: 1) Non-electric juice dispenser and 2) Electric juice dispenser.


Lastly, please be reminded that buffetware only keeps food at an optimal serving temperature. It does not cook food.

Make sure food is well cooked before presenting in buffetware.


Sunnex has been in the buffetware industry for more than five decades.

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