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How do you keep the stainless steel cookware and kitchenware clean in good working condition?

Stainless steel pots and pans are dishwasher safe and are easy to keep clean, more hygienic than other metal like aluminum. There are some tips for you to keep them in good working condition:
– Always drying pots instantly after washing.
– Cold food is easy to stick to the pot. Get frozen foods to room temperature before adding to the pot.
– Do not use cold water to clean a hot pan.
– Use non-abrasive scrubbers and cleaners to clean the surfaces.

How do you keep the ceramics cookware and kitchenware clean in good working condition?

It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to clean your ceramics. The use of non-abrasive cleaners is recommended as some other materials like metal may cause damage to glazed surfaces. Also when cleaning porcelain, sudden changes in temperature may cause thermal shock and damage the finish. Hence do not wash it in too hot water and lower the plates into the water slowly.

Why do stains and rusting occur on some stainless steel?

It is stainless, but not stain proof. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, but not 100% rust proof. The resistance depends on the grade of stainless steel and also how you handle the products. Ingredients found in tea, coffee, salad dressing, vinegar and salt can cause discoloration or rusting. Pitting or spotting is usually caused by acidic foods or foods with high salt content. So, always clean stainless steel products with mild detergent immediately after use. Rinse well and dry thoroughly before storage.

How to take care of Enameled Cast Iron Cookware?

Enameled cast iron cookware can be used on all kitchen stovetops, and it is oven safe to 500 degrees F.
To avoid scratching ceramic or glass cooktops, never slide enameled cast iron, always lift it. Use on low to medium heat. For best results, add water or oil when heating. Avoid using metal utensils. Allow the cookware to cool before cleaning. Hand washing with warm soapy water and a nylon scrub brush is recommended. Always dry cookware thoroughly and place pot protectors between the rim and lid before storing in a cool, dry place. Do not stack cookware. A small amount of staining is to be expected but it does not affect performance.

I've got an issue with my product, what can I do?

The best way to deal with an issue with your product is to contact the shop that you purchased the product. If the shop is unable to help, you can go to “Contact Us” and select “SUNNEX PRODUCT SUPPORT” or “SUNNEX CUSTOMER SERVICE” depending on the issue you encounter, then you can leave message in the space provided and Sunnex team will contact you accordingly.
If you buy the product off line directly from Sunnex, you should have a dedicated Sales Representative who is serving you, so you can contact his/her directly.

Can I request my order to be sent to other suppliers in China for export shipment consolidation?

It depends on the location of other suppliers and customer is required to responsible for the extra transportation costs involved. Our sales representatives Sunnex Sales Representative – Sunnex Products Limited will help to evaluate and propose the appropriate delivery arrangement for your consideration.

How long do I expect to receive the goods after confirming the order?

Production lead time is generally in the range from 6 to 8 weeks, the concrete lead time is subject to the order details and the factory production capacity. We do have stock for selective items to facilitate fast delivery. Please keep close check our latest release for product information.

How long for production time if I place order to you?

It will take about 4 – 5 weeks for regular products. For more details, please contact our sales representative at sales@sunnexproducts.com.

How do I pay if I place order to you?

We highly recommend you to pay by Telegraphic transfer (TT) or LC at sight. For more details, please contact our sales representatives at sales@sunnexproducts.com.

Can I order spare parts?

Spare parts are available for ordering. You can upload photos or quote item no. to our Product Support – Sunnex Products Limited for assistance.

How do I get a quotation?

If you have found an interested item on website, you can click “ADD TO QUOTE”, then you can click “View Quote” to check your list, input your contact information and click “PLACE QUOTE”. We will receive your request and send you detailed quotation.
Alternatively, you can go to “Contact Us” and click “SUNNEX SALES REPRESENTATIVE” to leave a message, our Sales Representative will contact you accordingly.

Which shipping port the goods will be shipped from?

The goods will be shipped from Jiangmen port, Guangdong. For more details, please contact our sales representatives at sales@sunnexproducts.com.

Can I have a sample?

We do offer product samples. For more details, please contact our sales representative at sales@sunnexproducts.com.

Do you have updated digital and printed catalogs?

Our website contains information on products, and our staffs are welcome to send digital and printed catalogs to you. For more details, please contact our sales representative at sales@sunnexproducts.com.

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