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Gastronorm – Something you need to know…

Gastronorm – Something you need to know…

304 gn pan full set

Gastronorm is a size standard for kitchenware tray, pan, and container in the food industry. It was originated in Switzerland in the 60s.

The aim was to standardize the various sizes of pans and trays. It is generally used worldwide now except in the United States, which has its own domestic system.


304 gn pan cover

Gastronorm Sizes

gastronorm sizes


Fractional sizing is the main concept behind the Gastronorm system. It allows different-sized GN containers to be interchangeable.

The standard Gastronorm size is 530 x 325mm (Full Gastronorm).


There is a total of 9 different sizes (GN pan size list / GN tray size list).

GN 1/1 – 530 x 325mm (Full GN)
GN 2/1 – 650 x 530mm (Double GN)
GN 2/4 – 530 x 162mm (Two-Quarter GN)
GN 2/3 – 354 x 325mm (Two-third GN)
GN 1/2 – 325 x 265mm (Half GN)
GN 1/3 – 325 x 176mm (One-third GN)
GN 1/4 – 265 x 162mm (Quarter GN)
GN 1/6 – 176 x 162mm (Sixth GN)
GN 1/9 – 108 x 176mm (Ninth GN)

The above are outer dimensions. There is a variety in depths to fit with different purposes.



Product Type

There are Gastronorm Pans (GN Pans), Gastronorm Trays (GN Trays / Gastro Trays), and Gastronorm Containers (GN Containers). They often used with lids. Some lids are designed with hole for ladle and spatula.



Gastronorm containers (also called Gastronorm food containers) are usually made of Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate, and Melamine. They serve different purposes.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pans (GN Pan) are usually used for cooking and chilling. It is durable and excellent in conducting heat. It can even be used in the oven.




Polycarbonate Gastronorm Containers (also called Plastic gastronorm containers) are usually used for keeping refrigerated food, chilling and buffet display setting. It is not suitable for cooking or used in the oven.



Melamine Gastronorm Containers are usually for chilling, food storing, and buffet display setting. Melamine is a rigid and lightweight material. It is durable but not good for conducting heat. It is not suitable for cooking or used in the oven.



How to choose?


For cooking, you should choose Stainless Steel.

For food storage or display, polycarbonate and melamine would be a good choice.


You need to measure equipment on your kitchenware list to see which Gastronorm sizes best fit with it and also depth as it determines the capacity of the containers.


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