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Introduction to Terni Series Chafer

Terni Series, a more convenient chafer for you

Energy Saving

Sunnex advanced dry heat technology minimizes energy consumption compared to previous electric chafing dishes with water pan and heating element.

The higher the wattage, the greater the amount of electrical energy that an electrical appliance uses over a period of time.  Hence, with Waterless Dry Heat Chafing Dish uses 400 watt against old style electric chafing dish uses 900 watt, it saves more than half of the electrical energy in the same period of time.

This means you can keep your food warm and delicious while using less energy, making a positive impact on the planet without compromising on quality.

Precise Temperature Control

All know that chafing dishes need to stay hot or even keep consistent heat, but they often don’t, especially heating traditional chafing dishes with liquid or jelly fuel.   Digital display temperature control lets you know at one sight.

No more worry for water level

Traditional or even some existing electric chafing dishes use hot water to generate steam to keep food warm. Not only do you need to wait for water pans to heat up, you also have to keep watching water pans not getting dry.

By eliminating the need for water pan, it saves manpower and conserves water.  Say goodbye to the messy constant water refills associated with traditional chafer dishes.

Two shapes you can choose





Which Chafer is the most suitable for you?

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