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Transform Your Chafing Dish: From Fuel to Electric with Ease

Transform Your Chafing Dish: From Fuel to Electric with Ease

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and efficiency are the main concerns. Most traditional chafing dishes still rely on jelly fuel, but many customers are looking for a safer, more reliable alternative. In Sunnex, switching from fuel to electricity is a simple and effective solution.
Our heating mug offers a simple and efficient way to upgrade your chafing dish. Our heating mug can directly replace the jelly fuel and no further action is needed, this conversion is not only easy to implement but also provides an immediate improvement in both safety and performance.

Product: E02-3500

Product: E02-3520

Why is it beneficial to you?

Fuel or electricity? You can get both!
The only step is replace jelly fuel with our heating mug. This straightforward swap allows your chafing dish to operate just like a traditional electric chafer, providing steady and controllable heat without the mess and hazards associated with fuel. You can switch to use jelly fuel or heating mug at anytime.
Achieve a more consistent temperature
Ensuring your food stays warm and no need to do any fuel replacement (Water replacement is needed, Dry heat chafer is better if you wish no replacement for both). This reliable heat source eliminates the guesswork and monitoring required with fuel-based systems, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your guests and presentation.
Hot Water: 30 mins (60 °C -> 85 °C)
Cold water: 90 mins (25 °C -> 85 °C)
For optimal performance and safety, we recommend using the chafers that with a jelly fuel plate under it. This not only enhances stability but also improves heat distribution, ensuring your dishes are served at their best.
By embracing this simple yet effective solution, you can upgrade your catering equipment with ease and confidence. Our heating mug is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing setup, providing an efficient, safe, and modern alternative to traditional fuel chafing methods.

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