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What is Juice Dispenser?

What is Juice Dispenser?

What is juice dispenser?

Juice dispenser – also called Iced Beverage Dispenser, Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser, Juice Dispenser Machine or Cold Drink Dispenser.

It is used to dispense beverages hygienically and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteen, and bars. Since it is commonly used in buffets, it is usually categorized as buffetware. There are two main types: 1) Non-electric juice dispenser and 2) Electric juice dispenser.

It is mostly made of stainless steel with a polycarbonate container body. Below juice dispenser with stand is made of stainless steel. Sometimes you may find stand made of wood.

5.0L Stainless Steel Mini Beverage Dispenser (Marbella Series)-X23588

Commercial juice dispenser machine like hotel juice dispenser may come in single, double – juice dispenser double or triple – juice dispenser Trinidad.


What are the main components?

Ice pole / Ice cylinder – keep the drink nice and cold without diluting the beverage.


Lid – Ease for a refill just by removing the lid.


Clear Polycarbonate container – More Eye-catching with different colours of beverage and also for safety purposes (Glass juice dispenser is vulnerable to damage.).

11.4L PC Beverage Dispenser Container (Verona Series)-U17-2776

Stainless steel frame – For durability.

5.0L Electric Beverage Dispenser-U01-0501

Removable drip tray – Good presentation and allow for quick clean up.


How to use juice dispenser?

1) Simply lift the lid.

2) Pour drink into the container.

3) If there is ice pole, fill it with ice.

4) Put the lid back.


How to clean juice dispenser?

1) Fill the beverage dispenser with water up to the brim.

2) Add two tablespoons of vinegar.

3) Turn the tap on in order to dispense the vinegar water together with citrus pulp and debris.

4) Repeat step 1 to 3 if required.

5) Rinse the container, lid and drip tray with warm water both its inside and outside.

6) Apply detergent if required.

7) Rinse thoroughly.

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