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What is Kitchenware?

What is Kitchenware?

What does kitchenware mean?

In short, Kitchenware is utensils for use in the kitchen. It covers various product categories like Cleaning, Utensils, Cook and Bakeware, Household Kitchenware, Chopping Boards, and Gastronorm Pan.

Introduction of different kitchenware products

There are many kitchenware items in a kitchenware store. Do you know all of them?

Let’s take a closer look at the kitchenware products of each category.

Cleaning (Mainly used in commercial kitchen)

Glassware Rack

It is commonly used in catering business for storage and carrying of glassware for washing and transport.

Polypropylene Glassware Rack, 25 Compartments, 50x50x10(H)cm, Brown-MGT25BV

Service trolley

It is used to carry and transport material.

Polypropylene Service Trolley with Aluminium Alloy Uprights, 3 Shelves with Front Frame, 75x38x95(H)cm, Grey-87210G-1 Full (new roll)

Tote box

It is used to store material. Keep it nice and tidy.

Polypropylene Tote Box, 55x41x13.5cm, Grey-8111TGG



It is used to grap and hold material like food.

Stainless Steel Cake Tongs 24cm (M42 series)-M42CT-UK


It is used to stir something rapidly.

Stainless Steel Piano Whisk with Hooked Handle 12-Wire 50cm-M1250H


It has a flat and broad head. It is used to flip food.

Stainless Steel Square Flexible Turner 13cm Blade with Black Plastic Handle (MPH series)-MPHST55K

Conical Oil Strainer

It is used to remove debris from oil.

Stainless Steel Conical Oil Strainre 31.5cm-M9600L


It has a flat and broad head. It is used to spread something.

Stainless Steel Spatula 25cm with Black Plastic Handle (MPH series)-MPHSP10K

Pizza Cutter

It is used to cut pizza in slices.

Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter 10cm Wheel with Black Plastic Handle-CPC-4K

Dough Scraper

It is used to cut dough into separate pieces and scrape excess dough off the working surface.

Stainless Steel Dough Scraper 8 x 18cm with Black Plastic Handle (MPH series)-MPHDSC37K


It is used to drain out water and grease.

Stainless Steel Skimmer with Black Silicone Handle-M445KK

Ice cream scoop

It is used to dispense and form ice-cream in nice ball shaped.

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop 40mm-M400


It is used to serve sauce, stew or soup from pot to bowl.

Stainless Steel Soup Ladle with 38.5cm Extra Long Handle (M413 series)-M413LA


It is used to crush soft food like cooked potato and bean.

Stainless Steel Masher with Red Silicone Handle-M444MR

Meat Fork

It is used for holding meat and poultry steady for slicing.

Stainless Steel Meat Fork with Purple Silicone Handle-M446MFP


It is used to remove large particles by washing and rinsing.

Stainless Steel Conical Oil Strainre 31.5cm-M9600L

Basting Spoon

It is used for basting of course and mixing, stirring, and serving while keeping your hands away from heat.

Stainless Steel Solid Basting Spoon 38cm-MBSS-15-UK

Rice Spoon

It is used to serve rice from rice cooker or stir rice with vinegar in making Sushi.

Stainless Steel Rice Spoon with Red Silicone Handle-M444RR


It is used to flip and turn food items on the grill or lift food or divide food.

Stainless Steel Scraper 14 x 10cm Blade with Black Plastic Handle (MPH series)-MPHSC04K


It is used to serve pizza, cake and pie.

Stainless Steel Pie Server 13 x 6cm Blade with White Plastic Handle (MPH series)-MPHCSW

Spaghetti Basket

It is used for cooking pasta. The basket drains water quickly and in turn speeds up your preparation time.

Stainless Steel Pie Server 13 x 6cm Blade with White Plastic Handle (MPH series)-MPHCSW

Cook and Bakeware

Stock Pot

It comes in large size and is commonly used to cook stock or broth.

6L Stainless Steel Stock Pot, 200x200mm, thickness1.0mm-MSP101

Bakewell Pan / Baking Pan

It is used for baking or roasting in oven.

Aluminium Bakewell Pan 470x356x38mm-ABBT1814L-UK

Baking Tray

It is used for baking or roasting in oven.

Aluminium Baking Tray, 655 x 455 x 26mm, thickness 0.8mm-MAB6545-UK

Roasting Dish

It is used for holding and cooking meats. It is also good for baking or roasting application.

Deep Aluminium Roasting Dish with Integrated Handles, 470x356x102mm, thickness 2mm-ABRP1814

Fry Pan

It is used for frying meat and vegetable. It is also good for crisp frying.

Non-Stick Aluminium Fry pan, dia. 36cm, 5cm(h), thickness 4.0mm-MFP-36


It is a large deep sauce-pan used either to cook something in an oven or to serve the food cooked in it.

Cast Iron Round Casserole, 34cm (Red)-MCA34R

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron is a type of material. It is more high duty than frying pan and can be used with most heating source.

Cast Iron Skillet, 32x20.5cm (Black)-MCKF24K

Rolling Pin

It is used to flatten doughs.

Stainless Steel Rolling Pin, dia. 5cm, length 37cm-C01031B

Household Kitchenware

Measuring Jug

It is used to measure the volume of liquid or amount of solid cooking ingredients.

3.0L Polypropylene Measuring Jug-86321-UK

Mixing Bowl

A large bowl used to mix cooking ingredients.

16.0L Silvia Stainles Steel Mixing Bowl dia.38x18cm-36568

Can Opener

It is a mechanical device used to open tin cans.

Stainless Steel Can Opener (cooKit Range)-MGB11

Stainless Steel Beaker / Bowl

It is used to hold liquid or solid food. It is not easy to break.

Stainless Steel Punch Bowl, 13.5L, 36cm-23586W

Enamel Coating Plate / Mug / Pie Dish

It is used to serve food. It is lightweight and not easy to break.

Enamel Coating Pie Dish 22x17x4.7hcm-CED9080


It is used to measure timing during cooking.

Square Kitchen Timer-M9219


It is used to grate food like potato, cucumber, carrot into fine pieces.

Stainless Steel 4-Way Grater 20cm8inch-M2080


It is a small container with lid. It is commonly used to store food like sugar and flour.

Stainless Steel Canister dia.12x12(h)cm-C14002-2


It is a device consisting of a sharp blade with handle. It is used to cut food like bread, fruit and meat.

Stainless Steel Table Knife, pack of 12 (M187 Emperador Series)-M187TK.


It is used to remove skin of fruit and vegetable.

Stainless Steel Potato Peeler (cooKit Range)-MEB02-UK

Chopping Board

Chopping board should be familiar. It is a surface for cutting or slicing food.

Polypropylene Chopping Board With Handle And Groove(6212C series), 35x25x1.2cm 14x10x0.5inch, Green-6212CN

Gastronorm Pan (GN Pan)

It is a tray or container with size in gastronorm standard. Therefore, it is called gastronorm pan (GN Pan). It is commonly used in catering industry.

1-9 Size Stainless Steel Gastronorm Pan(M2 Series), 176x108x100mm, thickness 0.6mm, 1.0L1.1u.s.qt-M29100AB

Something do not look like kitchenware but widely adopted in commercial kitchen

Waste Bin

It is used to keep rubbish.

Polypropylene Push Cover Waste Bin, 20L, 34x24x45cm, Grey-MGB-G002C

Mop Wringer

It is accomplished with a bucket which allows user to press water out of wet  mop easily.

Polypropylene Mop Wringer, 23L, 44x27x27.5cm, Yellow-MMB-Y027VL

Floor Warning Sign

It is used to draw attention to areas of danger or caution.

Polypropylene Floor Warming Sign, A Shape, 61cm, CLEANING IN PROGRESS, Yellow-CFLS-24CIP

Barrier Rope / Barrier Stand

It is used for crowd control like preventing people from entering an area or guide people the way to line up.

Stainless Steel Barrier Stand, Expandable, Base dia.32cm x Pole dia. 6x91(H)cm-CKSE915

Hope the above helps you with your kitchenware list / kitchenware set.

For more detailed information, please email us at sales@sunnexproducts.com


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